To truly answer that question, first you must understand what "POP" Means:

POP [ pop ]
verb, popped, pop•ping, noun, adverb, adjective
1. To make a short, quick, explosive sound:
The cork popped.
2. To burst open with such a sound and prescence.
3. To protrude and jump out.

Now that we have covered that...
what does the Acronym "P.O.P!" mean to us?

Powerful Opening Presentation!

We will make your logo "P.O.P!" from the printed page or the online page, We can design a logo for you or modify your existing logo into one that will not only get you noticed, but more importantly REMEMBERED!

Isn't it time your logo "POPPED"?

With most logos starting at only $149, you can afford to give your business the look it deserves.
For $149 you will receive up to 5 custom logo designs, mix and match and send in your alterations, we'll
make changes and alterations until you are satisfied. We then work on perfectinf the color of your logo.
once completed, we will create for you: A 4-color color hi-res logo, A grayscale hi-res logo, A 2-color .eps
and a 1-color .eps, and 4-color, grayscale and BW lo-res .jpg files. Everything you will need.

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